Fresh Start

Joe’s Farm Grill wishes all of you a very happy new year! As 2015 brings new opportunities, new resolutions, and new habits, many of us look at what’s on our plates so we can make a fresh start with fresh food. At JFG, we are always looking at our plates because healthy and delicious eating is our priority all the year round.

If you’re looking for lower-calorie options, consider our selection of salads such as the best-selling Farm Chicken Salad dressed with one of our three homemade vinaigrettes and topped with a juicy grilled chicken breast. When I want to pucker up my tastebuds, I go for the White Balsamic Vinaigrette, which pairs beautifully with plump grape tomatoes, succulent shaved carrots, and assorted grilled veggie toppings. I can’t knock the Citrus Vinaigrette or the Thai Vinaigrette, either!

If a salad isn’t your cup of tea—which is understandable, since tea and salad have nothing to do with each other—you could substitute a multigrain bun on your favorite sandwich and choose one of our fresh, homemade side dishes instead of french fries. One of my favorites is the beet salad, a delightfully surprising mixture of red and gold beets, toasted pecans, and blue cheese. Yum.

At JFG, we’re all about variety that will fit your individual taste. So if you come in with your great Aunt Dorothy who won’t eat anything but grilled cheese and cousin Bob who follows the hippest trends in specialty burgers, each one of you can eat well and leave happy. And we wish every one of you the best with your New Year’s resolutions!


Farm Salad

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